Eventnet onsite communications

Temporary Structured Cabling

Eventnet Systems takes their communication cabling very seriously.

We start with the Telstra feed and pipe it into a genuine telecommunications MDF, then reticulate cabling to each transportable office, bar or area required.

Our efficiency enables to install the telecommunications infrastructure to AS/NZS standards, the same as if it was a commercial premises, enabling us to provide the same services onsite as you would expect in your own office.

When it comes to large events and festivals, we install a full communication rack, complete with patch panels, making changes simple and painless.

Every event is treated the same, weather its one phone line, or twenty.

Over the years we have established a very good relationship with Telstra, enabling us to do the negations and bookings on your behalf.

ADSL & Network services

Where multiple ADSL points are required, we can install our DSLAM.

Our DSLAM enables us to provide up to 24 individual ADSL services on-site.

We can include routers which add security and also securely redirect email, removing the need for travailing party's to change their email settings.

Promoters, Tour managers and Band members can take advantage of the true plug-in and go internet services that surround our ADSL services.

Transportable network cabling

When you contract Eventnet Systems to provide network services, we install ADSL routers, Switches and all cabling enabling your staff and guests to walk up to a desk, and plug in as if they were in their own office.

If there is a problem, our staff are there to assist, and provide any extra cabling required.

Permeate structures

If you are holding an event at a stadium that may not be equipped for your needs, we will find the best way to install the cabling, as more of a permeate structure to enable other events to use it.

In many of these cases we will subsidize the costs in the expectation that it will be available for us to use the next time around.

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