Eventnet VoIP for festival events

When we first started to provide communication services, we sometimes struggled to get enough lines in to support the promoters rider, we found the answer to this problem by using VoIP

If you are not familiar with VoIP, its basically making calls using an internet connection rather than traditional copper pairs.

Our hire department now does not only stock standard hand sets, but now we have a full range of VoIP interfaces and phones.

Our arrangements with a VoIP provider enables Eventnet Systems to connect lines, within 2 hours notice (providing there is an ADSL service available.

Billing is also made very simple, with accounts available within 24 hrs, unlike some of the standard services that take up to 20 days to provide the telephone costs from an event.

PBX Hire

Eventnet Systems also can provide standard PBX systems, just like in a fixed office.

This simplify's the need of having 2 or 3 standard handsets scatted around the office, sharing the same number.

Offices located on the same site can call internally, further reducing the call costs.

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