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RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification.

In simple terms, it is like an electronic bar code that is read by radio waves instead of light or direct contact. Each RFID tag is made up of two main parts, an antenna that receives the energy to power the chip and transmit data back and forth and a chip that holds data.

RFID has many benefits over existing magnetic strip and bar code systems. Unlike magnetic stripe cards, it needs no physical contact, does not wear out and is not effected by magnetic fields.
Bar codes can be reproduced on a home computer and are easily scratched, they also take up valuable space on the card surface that could be used for pictures, logos, advertising, branded sponsorship etc.

RFID tags can be read through clothing, skin, water, etc. There are also no moving parts to wear out in the reader that passes the information to the controllers. The surface of the card can be damaged and not effect the transponder housed safely inside it’s plastic shell, if the same was done to a bar-code or mag-stripe, it could be rendered useless.

They also offer excellent security because the transponder programing equipment is not readily available, and they can not be simply reproduced on a computer and printed to a band or card. Each tag also has it’s own unique number that is extremely difficulty to replicate, programmed at the point of manufacture.

You may have come across RFID already without knowing it. Most commonly it is seen in the application of access control (opening doors, etc.), Or you may have had your cat or dog implanted with a chip to identify it if it is ever lost.

Lately in the headlines you may have seen it being applied to retail shops as an upgrade from the old fashioned bar code.

Or, you may have seen on T.V how nightclubs overseas are implanting their clientele with implants instead of membership cards. (This could be thought of as a little extreme, but growing in popularity.)

One way of looking at it, is, that bar codes could be regarded as vinyl records, magnetic striped cards as cassette tapes and RFID as compact disks.


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