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Eventnet Systems is a leading Western Australian company focused on providing premium technical services for all segments of the entertainment industry

 Our team is experienced in all sectors of the entertainment industry ranging from licenced night clubs and bars through to large events catering to 400,000+ patrons

Transportable control room

Eventnet Mission Control

Fully transportable control room

The Eventnet Mission control is a purpose built 20ft container that houses a fully configured console for CCTV / network management. A pressurised server room provides safe and secure conditions for all the server, networking and radio equipment.

Transport ready design ensures quick deployment at festival locations.




Corporate Services

Its just not festivals

Eventnet Systems grew from the live concert and festival industry but that’s not all we do.

We provide data services for corporate events, sales & training conferences to name just a few.

If its 10 people, or 200 plus we have the technology and skills to provide office environment services in almost any situation.



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Media Stories – Releases

To learn more about what we do and how we do it there are several stories about us on the web.

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